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Product Review: Tory Burch Tory Sport Convertible Perforated-T Tennis Tote

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

I'm always tempted by the Tory Sport tennis line. The sophisticated retro styling is classic and timeless. However, I get so gross and sweaty when I play, I can't justify spending so much on tennis clothes that (I believe) aren't really intended for hard core tennis matches. Perhaps that's why no one on the WTA tour wears Tory Sport? But what about the tennis tote?

Do you really need a designer tennis tote? No, of course not. I've seen women use a Goyard tote, a Gucci backpack, or a Louis Vuitton tote for their tennis bag, and its really just a personal choice. Will it make you a better player? No; however, spending money on good quality is never a bad idea. I've always used tennis bags made by tennis companies like Wilson, Babolat, and Nike. For most of this year, I used a tennis bag made by Vessel, a golf company that also makes tennis bags and backpacks. I wanted to buy something to celebrate the one year anniversary of starting my blog, and what better item to splurge on than something tennisy!

My First Impressions

I have purchased items from Tory Burch before, and they always take such good care in shipping their items. The bag arrived in a rather large box and was carefully wrapped in signature TB paper with a lovely sticker on top. Every part of the bag was carefully wrapped in plastic that had to be removed. It felt like something special.

How it's holding up

Of course the most important quality is function. The bag is lovely, and the classic navy and white combination is very timeless. The bag has a shoe compartment on the bottom, perfect for slipping a pair of post match flip-flops. Inside, there is room for sunblock, a can of balls, wrist bands, a notebook, electrolytes, and towels. Both sides of the bag have a pocket, perfect for a water bottle, or I slip my phone and key in one while I'm playing. The two racquet compartment is detachable, which I think makes it a great option for using as an airplane carry on.

The bag could also double as a chic diaper bag! The nylon material is very easy to clean, and you can easily remove the racquet sleeve.

Pros and Cons


It's adorable! I get lots of compliments on it, and it's easy to match to items in my closet.

It can be used for several different purposes. It can be a gym bag, a diaper bag, a laptop bag, and of course a tennis bag.


Sometimes there aren't hooks at the tennis court, or they're all taken and you have to put your bag on the ground. You want to keep it in good shape, so there's a little more effort required to care for it. Slip a carabiner clip in your bag for those occasions so you can hook it on the fence.

Cost. She expensive. The Tory Burch Tennis Totes are all $398 and rarely go on sale. Compared to some other items at the same price (like this cashmere sweater), the tote is by far the better investment. What I like about a purchase like this is, you can use it for a while, keep it in good shape, and then resell it. I had a green Tory Burch gym bag that I used several times, but wasn't using it anymore. I cleaned it up and sold it on Postmark for $100. Not bad.

The Final Score

I've played tennis for most of my adult life, and like any sport, what you wear, what bag you carry, doesn't make you a better player. However, if something makes you feel good, makes you happy, and you're not taking food off the table to buy it, go for it! I love this bag, I've looked at it countless times, and I liked waiting for a special occasion to finally get it. It has lots of different uses and if it's well cared for, will last you a long time!

I don't believe this specific bag is available, but here are a few that are.

Do you have a favorite tennis bag, tote, or backpack? Let me know in the comments, I love seeing what the tennis world comes up with, and what works for other players!



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