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LOVE ALL everything i'm loving this holiday season🎾❤️

Wow! The holidays sure do creep up on you! I’ve been busy, busy, playing tennis, enjoying family and squeezing in a few last minute trips before the year end. This post is LOADED with everything I’ve been into these past couple months, so put down your racquet, grab a ☕️ and enjoy!


Condé Nast Travelers list of best places to travel in 2022 is focused on purposeful travel. My favorite from the list is Alberta, Canada. I've never been to Canada! Living in Arizona, our winters are so mild, it's nice to experience a real winter. While others may be looking to visit a warm beach, I love visiting places where I can bundle up by a fire and sip hot cocoa.

Alberta, Canada - visit Alberta

I was so excited for the 2022 schedules to be released. The WTA will start the year in Australia and has stops in Russia, Dubai, Qatar, Mexico and France before it comes to the states in March. The BNP Paribas Open will be back at its usual spring spot, then off to Miami which I'm planning to attend. Whether you're looking to stay in the US or ready to travel abroad, there's bound to be a tournament you can fit into your itinerary.

Even if you're not a tennis fan, the concerning story of Peng Shuai has probably crossed your news feed in the past few months. I've been following the story very closely and truly admire Steve Simon's stand on tournamets in China. Like everyone, I hope this can come to a resolution soon.


This LA based clothing company was started by some fellow passionate tennis fans and has the absolute coolest tennis inspired duds! Tennis has a tendency to get stuffy from time to time, and Ace the Moon puts a laid back SoCal vibe in everything they offer. They work with local artists and sell everything from clothes for adults and kids (how cute are these babies!?), artwork, and home goods. I ordered a bunch of items as gifts for my tennis friends (okay, and a few things for myself)!

I've never purchased from Blue Mercury before, but ordered some great items for my daughter including a unique fragrance from Ellis Brooklyn (phthalates-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly) . I ordered this Eau De Parfum for myself and absolutely love it!

One of my favorite clean beauty brands. I always stock up when they have a sale. I love their mascara, eye shadow palettes, and eye liner.

This brand has been around for a long time, and it's no wonder why, they're amazing! The soft stretch lace design makes it perfect for most sizes and I love giving them as gifts. Available in lots of places, but I like to order directly from their website to take advantage of their loyalty program.

I was so sad to hear of Virgil Abloh's passing after a battle with cancer. He was an incredible artist, architect, and DJ. Most people know him by his brand Off-White and his collaborations with Nike, and Louis Vuitton. Most artists aren't truly appreciated until they‘re gone, and Virgil is no exception. I had no idea he collaborated on collections with Ikea, Mercedes Benz, NBA, Nigo, Jacob &Co., Braun, Jay-Z & Kanye West, Levi's, Moncler, Asap Rocky, Jimmy Choo, Kith, Byredo, Champion, Sunglass Hut, Timberland, Evian, Rimowa, Moët & Chandon, and many more. He WAS fashion and will be sincerely missed. I've seen this book while traveling and never bought it because books make my heavy suitcase. After I heard of his passing, I ordered a copy.

Organic desert living is what this company is all about. What started as a home renovation blog has grown into a full design service and includes some of the most incredible clothing options. A soft neutral palette is a constant theme throughout everything they do, clothing included. They offer reasonably priced items you can incorporate into your wardrobe. I have several of their matching sets and I always get compliments on them. I ordered gifts for my two sisters and daughter and am so excited to give them. I especially love that this is a local, woman owned company.

Genie is a great Canadian tennis player, and I've loved hearing her commentary at some of this years big matches. Oh, and she's incredibly beautiful! I don't own any of the pieces from this collaboration, but I love it!

LISTEN UP - my latest podcast obsessions

Although there have been a few ATP tournaments, the WTA has already wrapped up for the year and most players are vacationing. With everyone on break, I've let the inner true crime lover in me indulge a bit.

Killer Psyche

Former criminal profiler for the FBI breaks down some of the most famous killers in our history. Some of my favorites were Betty Broderick (her story was featured on the Netflix series Dirty John Season 2), and more recently The Case of Gabby Petito.


As someone who grew up with a very passionate father, who wanted more for his kids, I truly appreciated this film. It also gave me a greater appreciation for Venus, of whom much of the film is about. What's more impressive is how these two women and their family have remained so close all of these years. They are all true stars for navigating professional tennis, fame, and criticism for decades and coming out on top!

I watch this film every holiday season and I never tire of it. The cast of beautiful actors, great locations, and lovely sentiments make this film a timeless treasure.

I watched this film on the plane ride to Seattle. Sadly, I knew very little about Mardy before this. Many of us, myself included have a story to tell, but are often scared about the repercussions. Will people think I'm weak, or crazy, or broken? Will people think I'm unreliable? I truly admire Mardy for throwing all this reservation to the wind and telling his story. He's definitely not alone. Everyone's personality is different and some personalities don't match up with the intense pressure of being number one.

I bought this book for a few years and never read it, so when I saw it was made into a movie, I downloaded it and watched it on the plane ride home from Seattle. It's a story of a group of women fighting for safe work conditions in the 1920's. They were clock painters and their job was to paint the glowing numbers on clock and watch faces using a radium based paint. They would lick the tip of the paintbrush to make extra sharp lines. The radium ingested caused the death of several women. It would make their joints ache, their jaw and teeth deteriorate, and their bones would forever be radioactive. This story makes me both sad and proud, like most stories that cause change. Joey King plays Bessie, the main character and she is so beautiful.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and are finding some quiet time for yourself. I tend to get a little overwhelmed this time of year, but I'm doing my best to be present in my interactions. You can follow me on Instagram where I'll continue to share bits of what I'm up to during the holidays. I am so grateful for my experiences this past year and I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2022. Thank you so much for your support, for loving tennis, and for being you!

Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season,


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