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LOVE ALL everything i'm loving this week week 5

This week has been filled with great articles, podcasts, videos, and films! Here are the things I loved from this week!

Palm Springs, California

TRAVEL PLANS - updates on where we're allowed to go

I'm so full of optimism as we approach October. Many countries have opened up to vaccinated travelers, and this is a great list of options for a fall getaway.

Washington DC is one of the greatest cities! Although I've been there once, there's so much more I didn't get to do. I'll definitely reference this list on my next trip.

I read a version of this practically every week. Although they provide a list of countries open to traveler , the travel advisories (do not travel, reconsider travel, etc.) still aren't very inviting.

I've been to London twice and it remains at the top of my travel list. I absolutely love London and would go back in a heartbeat!

Tennis Talk-what sparked my interest in tennis

September is Hispanic Heritage Month, this is a great list of what great latin players have contributed to the game.

With so many siblings in tennis, I've been really fascinated by the dynamic among tennis playing siblings.

This is an older article, from March of this year. Again, my fascination with sibling dynamics in professional tennis is ever increasing.

LISTEN UP - this weeks best podcasts

I found this podcast really interesting, and helpful as someone who is constantly working on improving my tennis game. Who would've thought that actually being nice to yourself can help you improve better than constantly beating yourself up?

This ATP Tennis Radio Podcast was a great listen. You get a chance to hear from the players as they prepare for the Laver Cup. There's a great chat with Dominic Thiem and Madison Keys at the end that highlights some of the things they're doing off court to help people deal with mental health.

Tennis is so proper, never challenging, never controversial- which is why I love listening to Rennae and Caitlin. Is it okay for coaches to demean and yell at their players in front of everyone? Should we even be supporting the Laver Cup with the gigantic elephant in the room (or should we say on the court) surrounding the invitation, inclusion, and promotion of Alexander Zverev? All of this, plus the incredible tennis at Ostrava, recorded from the Wilson pop-up in Soho, New York.

Although the US Open is over, there's still so much more tennis to be had! I hope you had a great week, and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss my upcoming guide to Palm Springs, just in time for BNP Paribas Open!



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