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My Post Tennis Routine

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Matches have started for USTA and I couldn't be more excited to get the season up and running! I'm currently on 6 teams, it's a lot I know! That being said, I play a lot of tennis during the week. It's still hovering around the 100 degree mark here in Phoenix, but I'm hoping cooler weather is on the horizon. Here is my post match/practice routine along with some of my must have items to get me through.

This summer was an unusually good monsoon season in Arizona. What that means for us Phoenicians, is that our normally dry air becomes quite humid. For at least a few months, we learned what Floridians have to deal with. Namely, sweat soaked socks and shoes, tops and skirts you can wring out after a match. Basically, I'm a sweaty, salty mess after a match!

The first thing I do after playing is quickly kick my sweaty shoes off and use my fingertips to pry my socks off. I put them in a mesh bag along with my sweaty wrist band. Then I slip into my rubber Birkenstocks. Mine are actually lavender, but these lime green ones from Urban Outfitters are super cute. They're waterproof, so I don't worry about ruining them, and I can also wear them in the gym shower.

I've learned over the years that leather seats in Arizona heat can take a real beating. My good friend told me about this neoprene seat cover which helps save your seat from becoming soaked in salty sweat. This one also comes with a seatbelt cover, which is great, and is machine washable!

My husband bought me a really nice Stella McCartney gym bag a few years ago and I love it! It has a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes and comes with a laundry bag. This one is similar.

Is there anything better than a nice hot shower after a long match? Davines is one of my favorite hair care brands. It was started by an Italian family in Parma, Italy. They're committed to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, and their products smell heavenly. They have lots of products for every hair texture, type, color, and more. A bit on the pricey side, but so worth it!

I first found out about Kopari while I was shopping in Laguna Beach last summer. Their products definitely have a beach vibe, with lots of responsibly sourced coconut oil. There are so many chemicals in American beauty products, many of which are banned in Europe. I had read about how chemicals in our beauty products can be endocrine disruptors and I was on a mission to transition to clean beauty products, especially for my daughter. Kopari has great skincare, deodorant, lotion, and body products that are all free of harsh chemicals. They have great sales and I love to give their products as gifts.

I have very long hair, and when I'm too lazy to braid it, it gets super tangled when I play tennis. This wet brush is great for the shower

This blow-dry spray from Kenra is one of my favorites. Most of the time, I let my hair air dry, but I'll still use this as a leave in conditioner because it smells so good!

Cozies all day! There's nothing I love more than cozy clothes, especially after a long match and I'm feeling sore, and tired. I've been on a big athletic dress kick lately. I love just grabbing one piece of clothing to slip on after a match. I'll wear it with a pair of vans or sneakers to run errands. These dresses and skirts from Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon are some of my favorites.

If I had an exceptionally tough match, I take it easy for the rest of the day. I don't always, but I definitely try to stretch and roll out my muscles to prevent soreness or tightness. I also try to keep drinking water with electrolytes throughout the day to stay hydrated. What are some of your favorite post tennis rituals? I'd love to know!



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