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My Summer Tennis Must-Haves☀️

Summer heat is officially here! If you're an outdoor tennis player, here are some of my favorite warm weather must haves!

I received this face sunscreen as a gift and just started using it. I love it! Unlike some facial sunblocks that leave your face looking greasy, this is nice and matte. It's mineral, but doesn’t turn your face completely white. You can apply make-up over it if you’d like, but I wear it all by itself.

TJ's is full of hidden treasures. This spray sunscreen is one of my favorites.

As if carrying your tennis bag and a handbag isn’t enough, summer is the time to pack a cooler. Bringing along a small cooler is a lifesaver on smoldering days. I have this small Yeti Cooler in gray. One of the girls on my team just received one in this sunflower yellow color and it’s so cute! Gave me major Yeti-envy! It's perfect for summer! Fill it with extra bottles of water, a cold towel, and a post match snack.

This face mist by SunBum caught my eye at Target, and I bought it to try. Like all SunBum products, it smells like summer, and it’s so refreshing to spritz on your face during changeovers. I like to put a face mist in my cooler so it’s extra cold.

I like to wet a performance towel with really cold water, put it in a Ziploc bag, and pack it in my cooler. It’s amazing what draping a cold towel around your neck does when you’re super hot. Of course, any performance towel will do, but I love this one from Racqet Magazine. The color is so fun and I love supporting their publication.

I'll admit, I don't love playing in long sleeves, but sometimes I want to skip all the sunblock. Also, I have Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a long-term skin condition that causes portions of my skin to lose pigment. My hands, elbows, neck, and face are some of the areas affected. Since there's no pigment, these areas burn easily and it's better to just cover them up. BlockUV is a brand I've used before and I trust its ability to protect my skin and be comfortable while playing.

Do you have hot weather favorites I didn't mention? I'd love to know! Wishing you overcast days with low humidity during these hot summer months!



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