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My Winter Tennis Must-Haves❄️🧤

Winter weather is officially here. If you're an outdoor tennis player, here are some of my favorite cold weather must haves for those early morning and late evening matches.

I love these straight leg pants from Lululemon. I have a few pairs and one pair is lined for colder weather; although, I couldn't find the lined version on the website. These pants are great to play in, lightweight enough to move around in and warm enough to keep your legs from getting cold. I like to wear them over my tennis skirt, then take them off when I warm up. The best thing about them is they fit over your tennis shoes, so you don't have to take off your shoes to pull them on and off.

The desert can get very, very cold! I played in an early morning clinic on January 2nd and it was 33 degrees when we started! I played in these tech friendly gloves until the sun came out and my hands were nice and warm. The tech friendly fingertips are great for use on your phone or apple watch.

Made from sustainable materials and comes in 4 color options, sizes XS-3X

I played an evening match in December and it was cold and windy. This puffer kept me so incredibly warm throughout the warm up and I couldn't wait to get it back on after the match. With lots of size and color options, you can find one that fits into your wardrobe style, and can wear it on and off the court.

This is a Swedish brand and they know cold weather. I popped into their shop in Park City, Utah and left with a water resistant coat and this beanie. Their products are incredibly durable and warm.

If they're good enough for surfers coming out of cold ocean waves, they're good enough for tennis players. Nothing feels better after a long practice session or match than slipping into some warm Ugg boots.

Do you have cold weather favorites I didn't mention? I'd love to know! Wishing you dry courts and warm hands during these winter months!



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I love a nice warm handy.

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