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The Tennis Lover's Gift Guide 2022

The Tennis Lover's Gift Guide is one of my favorite posts to share. This features lots of items from my own personal wish list, plus items I have, and truly love! You can use this guide for any occasion throughout the year when you need something special for the tennis lover in your life.


Put on your favorite cozy sweater, pour a warm cup of cocoa, and take a look at these great gift ideas.

*bundled up at the W Hotel Bellevue, Washington

I love a good gift guide, and refer to them often, especially during the holidays. This guide is perfect for any gifting occasion throughout the year, but I hope it is especially helpful during the holiday season. It's a mix of bargains and splurges that any tennis fan is sure to love.

Aurate New York Dazzling Diamond Miracle Set Tennis Bracelet. This summer I met Caitlin Thompson, Co-Founder of Racquet Magazine, at an event in New York City. She had the loveliest diamond tennis bracelet that her grandmother gave her. I thought it was such a special heirloom. As a tennis player, I feel somewhat obligated to have one to leave for my daughter. I also learned about the origination of the tennis bracelet and I love the story. Chris Evert was playing a U.S. Open match when her diamond bracelet broke and fell on the court. The tennis bracelet was born. I don't own one, but I've added one to my own wish list this year. I also became aware of companies that sell sustainable, ethically sourced diamonds. This beautiful version from Aurate New York is 100% sustainable, recycled gold with 0.9 carats of ethically sourced diamonds. A purchase that will last the test of time, and you can feel good about.

Slim Aarons "Tennis in The Bahamas" Photograph. I was on a flight earlier this year and decided to watch Slim Aarons: The High Life on Netflix. Slim Aarons is famous for his photographs of, as he described it, "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places." I loved the documentary and this tennis photo is a classic. Getty Images houses the original archive and has authorized Jonathan Adler to create prints from the original negatives. It would be such a special piece for any tennis enthusiast.

Wilson Madison Cable Bomber. I am completely obsessed with the new revitalized Wilson tennis line of clothing! I visited a storefront in New York this summer and was totally blown away. It has classic retro vibes that you would expect from brands like Tory Burch, and Ralph Lauren, without the hefty price. I just ordered this bomber in the color Fog for myself and I love it! It's classic, warm, and can be worn on the court or the golf course. It also comes in black.

Racquet Magazine Annual Subscription. This is by far, the best tennis publication I've ever read. It combines tennis, art, culture, history, and progression all in the most amazing package. It's a quarterly magazine that I always look forward to seeing in my mailbox. Tennis is ever evolving, and Racquet eloquently honors the tradition of the sport while pushing for progression, asking the difficult questions, and encouraging positive changes. Any tennis lover would be over the moon with a gift subscription. They also have some great merchandise too!

Wilson Ultra 108 v4 Tennis Racket. I've wanted to demo this racquet for a long time, but it's so popular, I haven't been able to! It's a perfect mix of power and control, with an enhanced larger sweet spot and arm comfort. Let's be honest, the matte finish with color-shifting blue tones is really pretty. Pretty matters in a racquet.

Away The Aluminum Bigger Carry-On Suitcase. I've been so impressed with the large Away suitcase I have. It's been tossed around all over Europe, on trains, planes and automobiles, and it's still in good shape. My good friend travels to Europe often and I was blown away to learn that she only packs a carry-on! I'm going to try it out myself. I've never had issues with my luggage in the past, but it would be nice to skip the entire process of checking a bag. I've had my eye on this aluminum version of the Away carry on suitcase, I think it would be a great fit when I don't want to check a bag.

Tour 12 Pack Wilson Ultra v4. I've tried using a smaller bag lately, and I inevitably end up at a match without something I really need. I play 4-5 times per week and I like having a lot of space to keep an extra racquet, grips, wrist bands, towels, and now that it's cold, a sweater and pants. This bag will definitely fit all the necessities, and would be a great travel bag for tennis trips.

Goyard Saint Léger Backpack. My husband and I had a lovely trip to Europe planned for our anniversary in 2020. We pushed it back a few times, then finally decided to cancel it all together. I usually like to purchase special gifts like this when we're in a special place, but since that wasn't going to happen, my husband was nice enough to gift me this backpack. I used it a lot this past year, and I got lots of compliments from tennis friends and opponents. It's super functional, easy to clean, and can also be folded into a clutch. It's a splurge, but like I always say, it's an investment piece. You can regift it to a family member or always resell it when it no longer brings you joy. (Just like Marie Kondo teaches)

Louis Vuitton Trophy Trunks Coffee Table Book. I have such a love for coffee table books. They make me so happy. A few years ago, Louis Vuitton had a pop up Museum in Los Angeles, and it showcased some of the trophy trunks used for past tennis championship events. It was such a wonderful experience, I wish it was still available to visit. This book reminded me of that, and would look lovely in a quiet living room.

I hope this helps your find something special for the tennis lover in your life. Wishing you warmth and love this holiday season!



For more gift ideas for the tennis lover, take a look at my gift guide from 2021.

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